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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Fourteen Steps On A New Career Path


I am studying for tomorrow Final Exam which is ‘Career Development’ subject as this is my last final paper for this semester.

Just drop by that I am just go through the “Fourteen Steps On A New Career Path” as I think that most of us especially students who are just graduated and start your career path are needs to know.

Here are the steps ya…
1. Accept the new values of the workplace by showing how you can help a company meet its bottom-line needs 
2. Continually look for newer and better ways to be of more value to your employer
3. Don’t keep yourself stuck in an “information vacuum"
4. Don’t be reactive
5. Continually seek out a new education
6. Develop significant career and financial goals and detailed plans to reach them
7. Avoid a state denial
8. Prepare for survival in your present career and for taking the next job or career step
9. Become motivated by your goals, not by anger, fear or hopelessness
10. Market yourself aggressively
11. Improve your motivation and commitment
12. Place your weaknesses and inadequacies in perspective
13. Realize that to survive and prosper in today’s world, your primary job is to change yourself
14. There’s no reason HR professionals can’t take advantage of the same professional counseling and guidance available to others

These are the steps that I’m doing now and yes, it’s Tough! But, just be patient, continuously motivated by your challenges and Lillahi Ta’ala. InsyaAllah, we will achieve our career goal together! ;)

Good luck!

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